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With the 1st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks coming up, I wanted to continue to honor those that lost their lives on that fateful day nearly one year ago.
This page is dedicated to those who lost their lives on the four planes which crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania, to those who lost their lives inside and outside these buildings...and to their loved ones. May God continue to hold them gently in the palm of His hand, give them comfort and strength during this time, and let them know that millions around the world are still praying for them daily.

A dear friend has written a poem and asked if I would like to use it on this page. After reading it, with tears in my eyes, I told her yes....most definitely.
Thank you Jerri from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to use your beautiful poem as a remembrance of that fateful day. Words cannot express how much I appreciate this.
Tuesday, September 11, 2001

This is the day our nation mourned
This is the day that "Terror" was born
For America, "She" held her breath
As time stood still and watched distressed
The World Trade Center was busy at work
Unknown to all the evil that lurked
It was forty-five minutes after eight
When Flight 11 and Tower One met their fate
Heaven's gates flew open wide
For the first arrivals to come inside
There were so many being led
They didn't realize that they were all dead
The Angels mingled with all who came
Explained to all what was to blame
Shock then settled for they were Home
But they had left loved ones back home alone
As they watched from Heaven's High
They saw the planes cross the sky
Knowing evil and its intent
Knowing that it would not relent
As they watched this evil power
A second plane stabbed the Second Tower
Now, they could hear the rising cries
As the world watched more people die
More souls now were coming in
Angels once more would begin
The Pentagon had now been seared
And Americans were gripped by fear
More souls came to Heaven's Door
Angels explained just like before
One last plane with evil inside
Its mission failed - still all died
The passengers of this last plane
Knew the evil and fought to tame
They won the battle over their foes
Heaven was waiting for Flight 93's souls
Smoke is rising as fireballs explode
Screaming and crying as hysterics unfold
Sirens are heard from all directions
America hit with no protection
America watched in disbelief
For those there, there was no relief
Tragedy loomed for eternity it seemed
As tower two began to careen
All were stuned as they watched this sight
Knowing the occupants just lost their lives
The gates to Heaven still open wide
Angels still greeting all who arrive
There is no end to terror this day
As Tower One gave away
Cries were louder and the pleas were many
When would this horror come to a finish?
Heaven still had room inside
For Tower One's victims to reside
There were phone calls home from the plane
"I love you's" and those trying to explain
There were "Good-bye's" left with love
And "See you again in Heaven above"
Picking up the pieces of the destroyed
Has left Americans with an aching void
Some were searching for family still
Refusing to believe that they were killed
Others accepted death as a fact
Pain is endured no matter the act
Service people have served and died
Trying to help the people inside
Searching and digging in tons of debris
Trying to find life, wanting to believe
They have search teams of dogs and man
Total strangers are lending a hand
Pulling together is what America does best
And these terrorists will never know rest
Thousands of loved ones for no reason died
Our President promises that they can't hide
He believes that this is an act of war
Hate is alive and strong and can't be ignored
Bodies are found and parts here and there
Visions of hate are left everywhere
Heaven's window is crystal clear
Loved ones watching, seeing fear
They left their strength back here on earth
For "US" to draw on and find rebirth
They left this earth by body and soul
Not leaving loved ones by letting go
They stayed with their loves in their hearts
They'll stay always and never part.
By: Jerri Faye Thomason

Copyrighted by Jerri Faye Thomason, 2001
Used with permission.
No portion of this may be used on any site, or in any way,
without the express written permission of the author.