I am a huge Arizona Diamondbacks fan!
There is no other team greater than our DBacks (as we in Arizona call them)
and their winning the World Series over the New York Yankees proves just that!
With the superb pitching by The Big Unit (Randy Johnson) and Curt Schilling as
well as fantastic plays by the infield and outfield, there was no way we could lose.
This is my tribute to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Pictures courtesy of:
Home Field Advantage
DaLucci giving the "slam" to Jeter
Gonzo on his way to third
Gonzo.....he's great!
Proud father of triplets too!
Randy Johnson..The Big Unit
Top of the 9th
Even the fans know!
Tony Womack's tying run
Mattie Williams congratulating Jay Bell on his winning run!
The dugout is ecstatic!
This banner says it all!
Our own Bob Brenley!
Former announcer for the DBacks and now....
First Manager to win a World Series in his Rookie Year!
What a guy!  What a team!
Quickest franchise to win the World Series!
Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling
Well deserved...great job guys!
Our first World Series Trophy but........
definitely NOT our last!