Hello sweet boy!
Mommy wanted to make a page for you so you'd know how much me and Dad love you and how happy we are to have you here with us!
When we lost your big brother, Blackie, I just could not face going home to an empty house, so I went to your Dad's work (he was sad over losing your big brother) and he finally said "Can we get another dog?" Well, that's why I went there in the first place ya know!  So I said "Oh yes."  We discussed boy or girl (didn't matter)...we only wanted another black lab that was about 3 months old.  So off I raced to the Humane Society.
I found you first...sitting there in that little cage all alone, looking at me with those sad little brown eyes, almost pleading "take me home".  I took your card so no one else could get you first.  Then came the process of filling out all this paperwork. My goodness, the things they wanted to know. But I faithfullly filled out all of the paperwork and gave them your little card.
When they brought you out to me so we could go to the "bonding area" you plopped yourself down on your tummy, all four feet headed in a different direction....you were so cute!  Then you didn't want to walk, you wanted to be picked up but they said I couldn't do that...you had to walk.
I think what made me love you right away is when we got to the bonding area, you went around one side of a post and I went around the other side! Then we sat on the grass and all you wanted to do was sit on my lap and give me kisses; plus you rolled on your tummy for some tummy rubs -- you still do that to this day and me and Dad oblige you that little request.  When we got ready to go back inside (I had already decided YOU were the one!) I got on my hands and knees to get up, you jumped on my back and started to give me what Jamie calls a "haircut".  It tickled.  I did end up picking you up and carrying you back inside..your "little" feet around my neck and your head on my shoulder.  YOU WERE OURS!
I had to leave you to be neutered and microchipped and we could pick you up the next day, June 12, 1998.  That was a long, long night!  I had to go to Dr. Ault's to find out what to feed you, buy you new dishes and toys, try to puppy proof the house....yes, I missed a few spots and you found them!
On June 12, 1998 Dad and I went to pick you up.  I had to wait inside awhile; your Dad stayed in the truck.  When the Vet Assistant opened the door you recognized me because you just made a fast sprint right to where I was standing and jumped on me.  I took you out to the truck to meet your Dad....first thing he said was "Damn! his feet are big!" Well, I wasn't looking at your feet when I adopted you.  I was looking at your beautiful face!
You have added so much mischief, love and joy to this household I can't even begin to write it down. All I can say is that you are now a happy, healthy, loving 82 pound (almost) 4 year old and you are loved more than you'll know!
So, "tooters", "bambino", "tooter bugs" -- any name we call you -- you are our precious Blackie Too and we love you with all our hearts.
Mom and Dad
Christmas 2001 with Santa
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