I joined a wonderful non-profit group on the internet called ChemoAngels. It was founded by Laura who is a wonderful lady who gives unselfishly of herself to this great organization of over 3,000 Angels (all volunteers). This group assigns Angels to patients (adults, seniors and children)  with cancer who are undergoing treatment and also has a Senior program aimed at those seniors who lives in nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, etc.

I am a Chemo Card Angel and a Senior Angel.  I am also on Special Assignments and am on staff.  I'm a Month End Monitor which means I sent out letters to our patients and check the status of their treatments and how they're doing in general. This is really rewarding and I've met some nice folks.  I am also the Senior Angel Application Processor for the organization.   You can find out about ChemoAngels by clicking on the graphic that is at the buttom of this page.

This page is dedicated to some wonderful buddies who have crossed my path and made my life a little fuller and happier...however, we have lost them and they have gone Home to be with Our Father. I will never forget them....ever!

Marilyn: My first buddy...what a wonderfully sweet lady. I miss her a lot. We used to talk on the phone about every month and I miss our long talks.  Love to Loretta, Chelsea, and family.

Maxine:  My first Senior...what spunk this lady had; she is also greatly missed.

Thomas: My second senior...he was what we call a "silent buddy" and I never heard from him but I hope my letters and cards made his days brighter.

Sher: Sher was a friend who lived right down the street from me and I met her through another Angel, Sue, who lives in Mesa. We had alots of laughs, but unfortunately we lost Sher right before Christmas of 2003. I had the honor of singing at her memorial service.

Aron: Aron was 16 years old and was the buddy of my friend Angel Sue. While I never met Aron, I do know his Aunt Vickie. We lost Aron after a valiant struggle with his illness. We all miss him very much.

Kathy: My second  buddy. Kathy was special and we became good friends. We talked on the phone and always had laughs. She was always so upbeat and positive. Kathy put up a valiant fight which she lost of 9/9/06. I miss our phone calls and laughs. What a special person Kathy is to me. Love and prayers to Jeff, Jamie and Marisa.

And, finally, to my patients (some of whom I made friends with and some I didn't) but who added to my life:
Mary R., Alberta M., Michael S., Jake Robert W., Janice R., Chardasia Nicole L., Fortune P., LuCinda S., Morgan Michelle O., Daniel N., Jerry O., Sue W., Trenton Michael A., James M., David P., Adeline R., Gail S.

And a special HELLO to my buddies: Noah and Dylan! Love you guys!

As long as there is a ChemoAngels, I'll be with them.

If you know someone who is suffering from cancer and is undergoing treatments, please visit the website and sign them up as a patient. If you have enough time (which it doesn't take much) and would like to make a difference in someone's life, please visit and sign up to be an Angel (Chemo Angel, Chemo Card Angel, Senior Angel).  We'd love to have you.
God Bless.