Losing you Mom was very hard
I loved you right from the start
You gave me your son who you raised
Thank you Mom for all of your praise
Thank you Mom for all of your hard days
Raising your son into the man he is today

I want to thank you Mom
For being so kind and loving to me
You cared so much for me
Thank you Mom
You made me feel like your very own daughter
At times I forgot I was your daughter-in-law
Thank you Mom

Losing you Mom was very hard
When I think of you I feel your love
In my heart just like I did right from the start
Although we are apart
I will always keep you in jy heart
Rest in peace Mom

We love you
Well will never forget you
You will always be in our hyearts
Your spirit will never be apart
From our heart

Special thanks and love to JaNell for writing this lovely poem for us
You are the other mother
I received the day I wed your son
And I just want to thank you Mom
For loving things you've done.
You've given me the gracious man
With whom I share my life
You are his lovely Mother
I am his lucky wife.
You used to pat his little head
And now I hold his hand.
You raised in love a little boy
And then gave me a man.

I love you and miss you Mom!
Thank you Diana
January 20, 2004
Happy 91st birthday Mom.
We love you and miss you!

May 20, 2004
Mom, it's been one year that you left us to go Home. We miss you more and more each day and love you so very much.
Wimpo, Kathy and Blackie Too
Song playing is Ave Maria