I love angels and I believe in God's Angels.  I know that every person
on  this earth has a Guardian Angel sent by God to watch over them
as they travel down the path God has mapped out for them, to keep
them from harm, and to help them on their journey, to be near them
when they are sick or injured...whether they know their Angel is close
by or not.  I know  my Guardian Angel is always near at hand for this
Angel has whispered in my ear so many times and saved me from
mishap and also answered  prayers sent to the Heavens above to Our
Heavenly Father. I don't know my Guardian Angels name but I know
he/she is always  with  me.  Thank you Father for providing an Angel
to watch over  me and protect me.
Thank you Diana
All of the beautiful angels above were sent to me by my
wonderful friend Jo. Thank you.  I love you!
Thank you AngelHugs from Heaven's Angels
I love this beautiful Angel! She was a gift from
my best friend Tracy.  Love you bunches!
Thank you Angel of Love
This page was last updated on: February 26, 2006
Thank you Kim