This page is dedicated to our "other" family members who have left
us and gone on to wait for us at The Rainbow Bridge.
If you would like your furry friend added to this memorial,
please e-mail me with your pet's full name.(first and last)
Lobo Irwin-Ruelas
Lobo II Irwin-Ruelas
Blackie Irwin-Ruelas
Kali Irwin-Bedel
Monchichi Irwin-Bedel
6-Pak Irwin-Bedel
Ashlie Nikole Bedel
KoKo Marvin
Bunny Irwin
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Ivanhoe Irwin
Freckles Irwin
Charlie Good
Joe Fowler
Chunk Olvera
T-Bird Olvera
Boopers Olvera
Munchkin Olvera
Socksie Monroe
Wee One Monroe
Flossie Monroe
Gypsy Bell
Ruff Bell
Spit Bell
Ralph Bell
Scottie Monroe
Moonshadow Bell
Boogies Bell
This page was last updated on: December 22, 2006
Rocky Irwin
Junior Irwin
Bear Rafus
TC Rafus
Jessica Marie Bedel

Harley Michele Irwin-Bedel