This page is dedicated to our "other" family members who have left
us and gone on to wait for us at The Rainbow Bridge.
If you would like your furry friend added to this memorial,
please e-mail me with your pet's full name.(first and last)
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This page was last updated on: February 26, 2006


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Jacob Stewart
P-Base Weekes
Tigger Bell
Cricket Long
General VanderVere
Cynthia Kay anderVere
Kalliope's Angel VanderVere
HPK's Rhys-n-Shyne VanderVere
Cricket Bates
Lady Ziskie
Brandi Ziskie
Butch Ziskie
Bear Franklin
Sugar Bear Carver
Maggie Carver
Pretzel Miracle
Scotty Monette
Charlie Cat Monette
Buffy VanderWyst
Ransom VanderWyst
Peanut Sinclair
Amanda Sinclair
Boots Burke
Sylvia Burke
Tina Burke
Tiffany Albers
Yoda of Essex
Lucky Muzik
Zanny Anderson
Snoop Hodges
Bear Vaughan