Well, I did it! 
On January 11, 2002, I retired (early mind you) from the City
government  after exactly 36 years and 3 months.
My fellow workers held a luncheon in my honor and it was really nice.
My two good friends, Janet and Belinda, held a Department-wide luncheon
in my honor and oh so many people came -- people from within the
Department and some from outside the Department who managed to
sneak in! My family was there; a new net friend who lives near me came
and brought me a beautiful pink hyacinth...thank you Angie!  It was great
meeting you! Another net friend and his wife attended; thank you Ray and Dy!
Dad and Mom sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Texas and I
got to talk to them on the phone!
Belinda gave me a beautiful white rose corsage...thank you; you're the best!
Janet gave me a "Retirement Fund" jar but, alas, I found it empty. *s*
And if anyone tells you that they still give out gold watches for retirement --
believe them as I received a beautiful watch with my Department's logo on it.
My "big" gift was a beautiful gold necklace from Italy.  What a sight to behold;
it is so gorgeous!

Since I've only been retired for a grand total of 3 days as I write this, I can't
really tell you what retirement feels like.  Right now it  just feels like a vacation;
I'll have to get back to you on this one!

My handsome nephew, Jacob, was the official photographer, along with my
sister Jay -- so I'm sure I'll update this page to include a picture or two.

After awhile relaxing and then giving the house a good housecleaning, I'm
going to buy a trampoline for exercise. You betcha! I'm getting a cage so I
don't fall off! LOL

Then I want to fulfill my dream of working as a Vet Assistant in a veterinary
clinic. I'll keep you posted on that adventure as well.

A wonderful group I belong to, Heaven's Angels, surprised me with wonderful
gifts on a retirement page.  Thank you Angels; I appreciate every gift and
every kind word left in my guestbook.
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This page was last updated on: February 26, 2006
This is me and Angie, a net friend I orginally met
through Successful Homemakers.  I was fortunate to
meet her at my retirement party since we found out we
only lived 20 minutes away from each other.
Thanks for coming Angie, it was great meeting you!