This page is dedicated to my best cyber pal in the world.....Tracy
My Friend

You are a unique and rare individual who is very precious to me.
You're a very special friend to me and I really cherish all the
wonderful qualities you have; the ones that shine so bright for
everyone to see, and the more personal ones...
that are only known to the lucky people who are close to you.
You've got so many good things going for you
And the more I know of this world and of the people in it,
the more I know that you're really one of a kind.
I think I could search the world over and never find a more
wonderful friend than you.

by Chris Gallatin

I wanted to do these pages as a dedication to my best cyber friend
in the whole wide world.  The one who listens to me moan and groan
about my work situation, who laughs with me and not at me, who never ceases
to amaze me with her graphic talent, who sends me little gifts when I need a
"pick me up"... haven't quite figured out how she knows when those times are...
and it's also a great big THANK YOU because if I hadn't met Tracy, this website
would still just be an "idea" instead of a "reality".  I call her my little "gremlin"
because whenever I visit my webiste, I never know what I'm going to find.  She
has made this site what it is.  Tracy has wonderful qualities that you don't find in
most people:  she's compassionate, funny and lovable beyond belief.  I am happy
to call her my friend!  Tracy, for your  friendship and most of all your love,
I dedicate these pages to you.
Please click on the picture
to visit her website.
Tracy, may this Dove of Peace bring
you all good things in your life that
you are so deserving of.

Send a Friendship Flower!

Hi Kathy...just popped in to leave this for you....Love You!

This is so beautiful Tracy!
Thank You!
On the following pages you will find gifts that Tracy
has adopted or made for me as well as gifts I
have adopted for both of us.  Enjoy!!
Tracy sent me this.....isn't it just beautiful? I love it Tracy ... and I love you my dear, dear friend!
Thank you.